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RFQ Submission

Thank you for allowing Dynamic Coatings the opportunity to quote your needs.

In order to properly submit the Request for Quote (RFQ) form below, please have the following information available:

  • Part Information (i.e. name, prints, estimated annual usage (EAUs)
  • Specification Requirements (i.e. auto or industrial spec's, masking, special packaging)
  • Substrate Information (i.e. material alloy, hardness, pretreatments)
Please fill out the form below, with as much information as you have available.  Submit the form and someone from our Sales Dept. will contact you soon.

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  Chemical Resistance
  Corrosion Resistance
  Heat Resistance
  Lowering Friction
  Non-Stick / Release / Easy Cleanup
  Specification ID (i.e. GM6046M 13T240) Any coating thickness requirements?
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  List/Describe any special Masking or Packaging requirements.  
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