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Engineering Assistance

Thank you for allowing Dynamic Coatings the opportunity in assisting your needs.

In order to properly submit the Engineering Assistance form below, please have the following information available:

  • Part Information (i.e. name, substrate material, part's end use/function)
  • Operating Conditions & Environment (i.e. friction, torque, abrasives, temperature, chemicals)
  • Engineering Issues (i.e. performance criteria, rank coating characteristics)
Please fill out the form below, with as much information as you have available.  Submit the form and someone from our Engineering/Technical Dept. will analyze the data and contact you soon in order to assist you towards a solution.

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Operating Conditions & Environment  
  Describe the operating conditions and/or environment:
(i.e. friction, pressure, temp., abrasives, chemicals, torque, food contact, oils, grease, etc.)
Performance & Testing Criteria  
  List any Performance and/or Testing criteria required for this part or by specification:
(i.e. salt spray, torque/tension, adhesion, sliding velocity, etc.)
  Describe the performance characteristic(s) you wish to improve upon:
(i.e. lower friction, improve wear, resist corrosion, increase sliding velocity, etc.)
Coating Characteristics  
  Please rank the importance of the following coating characteristics for this application:
N/A = Not Applicable   1 = least important   5 = most important
  Abrasion / Wear Resistance  


  If applicable, list abrasive materials:  
  Anti-Seize / Anti-Galling Requirements  


  Chemical Resistance  


  If applicable, list chemical(s):  
  Corrosion Resistance  


  If applicable, list neutral salt spray hours:  
  Electro-Magnetic/Radio Freq. Interference (EMI/RFI)


  If applicable, list ohms per in.²:  
  High Temperature / Heat Resistance  


  If applicable, list high/intermittent temperatures & durations:  
  Noise / Squeak Reduction / Vibration Dampening  


  Non-stick / Release / Easy clean-up  


  Reduce Friction Coefficient  


  If applicable, list current friction coefficient values:  
  Questions / Additional Comments:  
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