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DYNASLIPTM 4301 is one of a series of resin bonded lubricant coatings formulated to provide corrosion protection combined with dry film lubrication.

DYNASLIPTM 4301 is designed as a bulk application material or for spray application. When applied by proper bulk or spray methods the coating will provide over 72 hours of salt spray resistance run per ASTM B117 and humidity resistance over 120 hours @ 120° F. on test panels.


Threaded and non-threaded fasteners, hand tools, power tools and other moving devices.


Lubricant molybdenum disulphide and graphite
Binder : High temperature resin
Color / Consistency : Gray liquid/cured itís a flat or low gloss finish.
Cure Temperature : A curve from 10 min. @ 550°F. to 5 min @ 625°F.
Coefficient of static friction : 0.05
Coefficient of dynamic friction : As low as .02 under load
Service temperatures : Continuous at 700°F. Intermittent to 1400°F. Antisieze to 2400°F.
Flexibility : No loss of adhesion when .0032 inch thick steel panels are bent   on a 1/8" rod







In its fully cured condition, this material is safe for all non-food and non-medical uses within the stated service temperature. Temperatures above 1400° F. may reduce lubricity in dynamic applications. In the fully cured state no MSDS forms are provided or required. In its liquid state, hazardous solvents and compounds are present. MSDS forms are required for these uses.

This data is considered reliable, but conditions of use beyond our control may modify results. Before adapting our products for commercial use, the user should confirm their suitability. Use of our coatings in no way suggests sanction of, or recommends, violation of any patent.

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